“Dealing with Rick Clarke for the sale of our unit was a great experience.

His recommendations and suggestions to make the unit look better and more appealing were very straightforward yet very effective coupled with the team’s great marketing strategy. No wonder it was sold not even one week in the market.

He did not put pressure on the schedule and just allowed us to do our thing. And on the day that we said we’re ready, I was even touched when he asked where my family is going to stay once the unit is sold.

Overall, Rick Clarke is a family oriented and a reliable Realtor. You can be sure that he will serve you well.

Raul Cano/Surrey

“Wouldn’t use any other realtor”

Colin Whitworth, Mission BC

“I would just like to take this opportunity to recognize one of your Team Leaders Tony Perdigao who served as our realtor and provide us with just an amazing and exceptional customer service experience! I think the best way to describe our experience with Tony is to start out by providing a retrospective of sorts… as someone who just recently migrated here in Canada as Permanent Residents together with my wife a couple of years back you can imagine just how naive we both were of what the real estate market was like in Vancouver and so obviously we needed someone who could guide us in the best way possible. Initially, one can be forgiven to think that the best way to seek advice would be to partner with a fellow “kababayan” or countryman from the Philippines as you would expect that this person would understand what’s best for you and know exactly how you feel… sadly however, that just wasn’t the case for my wife and I… and after so many months of putting out the decision to either buy or rent, we still couldn’t decide for ourselves mainly because we just didn’t feel the support we needed was there and therefore did not feel as comfortable about the advice we were being given. This all changed however when one day I decided to visit the “Rick Clarke Team” website and started browsing through their catalogue of available houses. The next day, I received a call from Tony asking if I needed help after he noted the many “bookmarks” I’ve been doing on their site. Right then and there I knew there was something special about Tony and as I compared him with our current realtor at the time, I just couldn’t help but think how it was like literally ‘night & day’… what I really loved about Tony was how engaging he was in our conversation and how he wasn’t selfish about providing me with some insight into the real estate market and what I thought was simply great advice despite the fact that he wasn’t even formally our real estate agent yet at that time (NOTE: I was upfront and honest with him from the very beginning about the fact that my wife and I already had a realtor at the time and yet Tony didn’t seem to mind and continued to provide me with some consultative advise for free!) Further, I just liked how Tony was able to empathise with what my wife and I were going through mainly because he had gone through the same experience himself many years ago with his own family and he even shared with me just how stressful his first home purchase was primarily due to some bad advice he was being given himself by the so-called ‘experts’ he had hired at the time…. something, he says, he had committed to making sure that none of his clients would ever have to go through as well for as long as he could help it! Considering how pleasant our conversation had been at the time, I remember still not signing up with Tony just yet because my wife was still connected to that other realtor of ours but I continued to keep in touch with Tony ever since… fast forward to the present day and I’m just so thankful that I did as I eventually ended up ditching our previous realtor to sign-up and partner with Tony instead. In hindsight, I just keep thinking that if I probably hadn’t made that decision, my wife and I would probably still not have been able to purchase our very first home until now! As someone who works in the customer service industry myself, I’ve always said that the best way to provide “exceptional customer experience” is to be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what their needs are and what they’re going through and, if necessary, go above and beyond their expectations. Given what Tony had gone through himself in the past, caring for our needs and putting our best interest at heart was so easy and natural for him to do that we not once ever had to question his intentions or even doubt his sincerity as he was just so genuinely helpful! Within literally months since that fateful signing, my wife and I finally found ourselves being able to purchase that elusive ‘dream home’ that we’ve always wanted and Tony even threw in several ‘gifts’ for us along the way to make the experience more memorable in the form of (a) free carpet cleaning, (b) free TV wall mount bracket and (c) free light bulbs… all at his expense! Oh, and did I mention that all other services we ended up acquiring (i.e. Home Inspection, etc.) were referrals of Tony’s too and they all did quite an exceptional piece of work as well! Talk about going above and beyond, Tony just simply exemplifies customer service par excellence!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, TONY!!!” – 4th Nov 2017

Michael Alvin Cunanan, Abbotsford, B.C.

“Rick clarke helped us sell our condo and purchase our townhouse. We had an amazing experience with Rick and ended up selling the condo for over asking price and purchasing our townhouse for under asking. Rick always got back to us in a timely manner, and answered our many questions in a way I could understand (as im pretty new at the process). Rick was always on top of what needed done and got it done right away. My son even suckered him into playing in the playground with him lol. I could tell Rick knew what he was doing and would recommend him if you are buying or selling. In a few years we are hoping to buy a house next and will definetaly be using the Rick Clarke team again” – 17th Aug 2017

Kristal, chilliwack

“We were most impressed by Rick`s help in all aspect of our sale process.  Rick did a great job!  Responded fast to our needs on every step, the best realtor we have worked with! We really liked Rick Clark`s web page so easy to find and follow!” – 20th Jul 2017

Pirkko and Jorma Talkio

“Great assessment of our needs, commitment to detail and communication, patience throughout the process, and excellent network of real estate services and professionals from mortgage to legal needs.  Thanks and well done Rick Clarke and team!  Highly recommend Rick.” – 24th May 2017

GP Mameli, Vancouver

“Thank you. Im gonna make a video for my testimonial.” – 8th Mar 2017

Vilmen and claude south surrey

“Rick and his team were great to deal with. That I have returned to use his service is attestment to Rick and his team. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was a pleasure to deal with and very detail oriented.” – 9th Dec 2016

Holly (Surrey)

“Rick Clarke eased a difficult transition. He was considerate, thoughtful and friendly – and always available when I had questions or concerns. I would certainly recommend him and his team.” – 9th Dec 2016

Florida Town, Summerland, B.C.

“Excellent service!” – 2nd Dec 2016

Edna Bachynski, Coquitlam

“Thank you for your help!” – 26th Oct 2016

Ling Chen, Vancouver

“If you’re looking for a truly trustworthy realtor that understands the timelines of a busy professional- Rick is your guy. Rick accommodated my schedule in every way using every form of technology applicable; text,email and online signatures. Great team, great service.” – 7th May 2016 – Verified by Realsatisfied

Kavi Bal, Vancouver